a night of metal

So we played in Long Island this past saturday and you can ask Billy, IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!  Jugs and Strokers in Merrick, NY was kickin.  We got there early (taking traffic into consideration) and they made us feel at home immediately.  You always here these cliche’s but this one is true, the camera really does add 50 people to a club pic.

Seriously, this place was packed in a hurry.  After introductions with Judas Priestess and the rest of the JnS crew, it was time to get out drink on.  And let me just say that some of us got our drink on a whole lot more then others.  Brian had quite a few family and friends show up which is always nice to see the support.

As we were setting up, my amp decides that it didn’t want to work.  NOT GOOD!  Couldn’t get it working so I did what any musician would do.  I started cursing up a storm and throwing things.  By the end of my rant, there was duct tape on most of my gear.  Its all good though.  I plugged in directly to the sound system and the night went on without any other hitches.

Even though this venue was outstanding, this is a cover/tribute band kind of crowd.  They want to sing and dance to tunes they know.  They did show respect after every song with applause, but it was when we played two cover songs that they lit up the joint.  Much kudos to the crowd and crew at Jugs n Strokers and thanks for the good time.

After we got off the stage, Judas Priestess hit the stage doing about two hours of Judas Priest music.  I WAS IN HEAVEN!  These ladies rocked the crap out of Priest.  Hair flyin, head bangin, loud ass metal.  Did I mention I was in heaven?  thought so.  Each of them put on one helluva show and their front woman Militia

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