Dave Diaz: bass

Chance 00

A beast of a bassist, Dave, destroyed a ‘E’ string on the first bar of the 1st song during his audition, drawing a chorus of “Holy Shits” from the assembled .

Hailing from New York City, Dave cut his bass teeth for the last 25 years doing the Manhattan club scene with various original and cover bands. His influences range from earlier progressive rock acts like Genesis, Rush and Yes. Later, gravitating to the heavier sounds of Nu-metal acts like Mudvayne, Sevendust and Rammstein to name a few.

A fan of big stage productions with costume changes, he’s an energetic individual with a passion for entertaining the masses, he’s a perfect fit for the craziness that is Freakswitch. Weather banging out massive bass riffs or melodic lines, he’s a force to reckon with!

Dave plays an array of 4 and 5 string Shector and Ibanez basses. His main amp is a bi-amp rig consisting of Gallean Krueger 1001rb II┬áhead for hi’s and mids, plus a Crest Audio GTX 1500 power amp for lows. David Eden 4×10 Cab and David Eden 1×18 cab.