Mike S
Mike: drums / vocals

Mike aka “Scratch” grew up being heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Rush, and Kiss…. As he began to crave more musically, he dove into the pool of Jazz/fusion, funk and groove influences and began to create a playing style that is a collection of many different music types. He is an innovator and never an imitator, a philosophy he takes great pride in. As Michael states “I have to constantly change things up for myself, both creatively as well as technically, otherwise I just get bored.”

Michael has lived in various parts of the country. Born in Baltimore, raised in New York, Michael went on to Florida to further pursue his music career and dedicate time to perfecting his craft on the skins. Upon his return to New York in the early 90’s he became the backbone of a couple of different projects, Symphony Smash and RawHype to name a few…. He spent a short time in Texas to feed his undying appetite for more variations in music and finally settled back here in Poughkeepsie.

One evening Mike found himself scanning the Musicians Classified ads which led him to meeting up with the members of Freakswitch……the rest will become history… Mike Skaretka