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a night of metal

So we played in Long Island this past saturday and you can ask Billy, IT WAS OFF THE HOOK! ¬†Jugs and Strokers in Merrick, NY was kickin. ¬†We got there early (taking traffic into consideration) and they made us feel at home immediately. ¬†You always here these cliche’s but this one is true, the camera […]

It was just a bus ride away

OH MY MY MY!!!!! ¬†Now that was a night that will be remembered in the archives for a long long time. ¬†Well maybe not, there was quite the alcohol was consumed. ¬†Three bands, two stops, one bus and all the people we can squeeze in and off to Jersey we go. ¬†Talk about a loud, […]

Bikers for Babies

What does Bon Jovi, U2, and Freakswitch have in common? ¬†We’ve all played stadiums. ¬†THATS RIGHT! ¬†Freakswitch played a stadium show on Sunday. ¬†OK, so it wasn’t the Meadowlands. ¬†It was Dutchess Stadium. ¬†BUT ITS STILL A STADIUM!!! Lynne from the March of Dimes came out and saw us play a couple of weeks back. […]

Zombies have taken over Newburgh…

Thats right, you read it correctly. ¬†This past Saturday Zombies took over Newburgh. ¬†You could’ve seen them walking the streets, drinking a beer, dancing, jamming; and I have to add, they can put on quite the BBQ spread. ¬†I was looking forward to this show. ¬†This one has been circled on my calendar for weeks. […]

Twentysix Pieces, Shades of Burn, and Freakswitch

9/30/11 – The Basement in Kingston. Twentysix Pieces took the stage first. ¬†This was the first time I’ve heard them live. ¬†And I wasn’t disappointed. They have seem really cool melodic, hard edge riffs. ¬†Based of hard rock riffs, they throw in a hint of 80’s style for flair. ¬†Not the hair band 80’s either, […]

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