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a night of metal

So we played in Long Island this past saturday and you can ask Billy, IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!  Jugs and Strokers in Merrick, NY was kickin.  We got there early (taking traffic into consideration) and they made us feel at home immediately.  You always here these cliche’s but this one is true, the camera […]

It was just a bus ride away

OH MY MY MY!!!!!  Now that was a night that will be remembered in the archives for a long long time.  Well maybe not, there was quite the alcohol was consumed.  Three bands, two stops, one bus and all the people we can squeeze in and off to Jersey we go.  Talk about a loud, […]

Bikers for Babies

What does Bon Jovi, U2, and Freakswitch have in common?  We’ve all played stadiums.  THATS RIGHT!  Freakswitch played a stadium show on Sunday.  OK, so it wasn’t the Meadowlands.  It was Dutchess Stadium.  BUT ITS STILL A STADIUM!!! Lynne from the March of Dimes came out and saw us play a couple of weeks back. […]

Zombies have taken over Newburgh…

Thats right, you read it correctly.  This past Saturday Zombies took over Newburgh.  You could’ve seen them walking the streets, drinking a beer, dancing, jamming; and I have to add, they can put on quite the BBQ spread.  I was looking forward to this show.  This one has been circled on my calendar for weeks. […]

Twentysix Pieces, Shades of Burn, and Freakswitch

9/30/11 – The Basement in Kingston. Twentysix Pieces took the stage first.  This was the first time I’ve heard them live.  And I wasn’t disappointed. They have seem really cool melodic, hard edge riffs.  Based of hard rock riffs, they throw in a hint of 80’s style for flair.  Not the hair band 80’s either, […]

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