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Freakswitch revised

Freakswitch revised   So here‚Äôs what happened‚Ķ Things were going fanfuckingtastic‚Ķok reality check..they were going good..good as in gigs, rock and roll and middle aged men living out a small fantasy they had..Playing on stage (ok one large stage), shows were decent (everyone likes cramming into speakeasys) , ticket sales were good ( when we […]

Jammin with the Priestess

This Saturday Freakswitch will be jammin with Judas Priestess at Jugs n Strokers in Merrick Long Island. ¬†This is a first time for Freakswitch to be playing at this venue, as well as the first time jammin with Judas Priestess. ¬†We are looking forward to the gig and stay tuned for pics to follow.   […]

…A great cause

Freakswitch has been added to the BIKERS FOR BABIES line up next Sunday at Dutchess stadium. ¬†Check out this link for more information regarding donations, bike ride, concert, volunteering, etc.  

Dave on da bass guitar.

Name: ¬†Dave Diaz instrument: Bass guitar Dave is one laid back individual that, to this point, can put up with my crap. ¬†So he can stay for awhile. Dave has been with the band for only a short time but he’s already shown the drive and the balls to suggest slight modifications. ¬†He’s so precious. […]

You may have not known…

Freakswitch released our debut cd “Seize the Moment” late in 2010.¬† And I proud to say that it’s selling like wild fire in the middle of the desert.¬†¬†And I’m sure most of you know that our bass player is a professional photographer, what you may not know is that he does a lot of shoots […]

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