It was just a bus ride away

OH MY MY MY!!!!!  Now that was a night that will be remembered in the archives for a long long time.  Well maybe not, there was quite the alcohol was consumed.  Three bands, two stops, one bus and all the people we can squeeze in and off to Jersey we go.  Talk about a loud, rowdy party on wheels.  It was off the hiz-ook yo.  FRET NOT! We were safety conscious.  We literally had three EMT’s on the bus “just in case”.  Next time we are going to have to look into non-drinking life savers.

Getting the party started on the bus ride to Jersey

These guys got shhhhhhhhhhhnockered.  And funny as hell.  Shades of Burn (SOB) bass player Nick slipped into the host of the evening roll quite nicely.  He had every one in stitches with himself taking the brunt of most of the jokes.  And whenever he would need a break, Brian from Freakswitch would pick up right where he left off.  Not to be outdone, Mike from TwentySix Pieces (TSP) led the bus in his rendition of the Partridge family’s “Come on get happy”.  The only thing this bus was missing was a disco ball and a stripper pole.  And we’re working on that for the next trip.  I don’t think Jersey new what was going on seeing the bus pull up to the venue.  We apologize if you thought Bon Jovi was walking out of that bus, but he is so two decades ago.  You were about to get a taste of TSP, SOB and flipped switches.

First on the bill was 40 oz. Bounce.  These guys had solid, tight sound with two guitar players that can rip it.  I was particularly diggin the bass player / lead singers vocals.  They were playing “Down, Down” and his voice was crisp and clear with a hint of rasp on demand. Add that with a drummer who was absolutely solid and these guys have a great sound.

TwentySix Pieces @ Dingbatz

Next up was Fever Vein.  This band was awesome.  Metal at its finest.  Met these guys outside before the show started and they are some of the coolest people I’ve met.  When they started playing you just couldn’t help rocking back and forth or bopping you head to the beat.  I tried to stop but the music wouldn’t let me.  The coolest thing about this band is their music has melodies and uses the scream as an accent instead of the other way around.  I would definitely check these guys out again.  Maybe we can get them to come to the hudson valley.

TwentySix Pieces hit the stage and I don’t know if it was the party on the bus or somebody kicked their dogs but these guys came out with guns a blazing.  TSP is showing everyone that they don’t have plans of disappearing anytime soon.  I was positioned on the bass player Mike’s side of the stage.  I love watching this guy play.  This guy is all over the place.  Then watching the rest of the band play “Muffin Monster” (no its not a new character on Sesame Street) just makes me all gooey inside.  Ok, maybe not gooey but you get the jist. I’m still waiting for thier CD to be finished because I’m getting me a copy.


Your order of Freakswitch is coming up.  I’m not going to lie, by the time it was our turn, I needed a nap.  With the party on the bus, the networking with people and continuing to have a cocktail or 12, I was ……..  JUST KICKING INTO HIGH GEAR!  Thats right, its time to give New Jersey what we came to give them.  And after following TSP, we had to ba-ring it.  The sound on the stage was kick ass.  I was actually able to hear Dave on the bass for the first time in a long time.  I have to say that I love this band.  Not from an ego point of view, from a view of I truly enjoy being on stage with Brian, Scratch and Dave.  With every show there is a flaw likely to happen.  It’s how the band reacts that makes it awesome.  Bigfoot (aka Brian) stepped on my patch chord and knocked it out in the middle of “Pray to Me”.  Thus making my guitar non-operable.  Dave and Scratch just kept right on playing until my road crew (which consisted of about 17 strangers in crowd trying to help) got me some sound.  At the end of the measure we kicked it back into the song like it was planned.   GOOD TIMES!!!!!!

Shades of Burn @ Dingbatz

Shades of Burn closed out the night.  I stated in an earlier blog that this band was “scary good”.  And after last night, I stand by my statement.  Two guitar players that can shred (if called for), a drummer who makes it look effortless but with swagger, a bass player who is an absolute lunatic on stage and female front person that can sing her ass off.  Combine the riffs with vocals and stage presence on top of that, IT’S ALL GOOD!  This band just started hitting the studio to record their debut cd.  Stay tuned because when it comes out, you’re going to want one.

A really big thank you to all who got on the bus with us and took the two hour bus ride to support us.  If things work out we plan on doing this again.

until next time…

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