November 26th (black friday) at The Chance theatre in Poughkeepsie. Richie Scarlet (guitarist for Ace Frehley) w/ Freakswitch and others will be making your long weekend even more enjoyable. More Info >

Freakswitch: Seize the Moment
Sample Clips:

01 Breaking me Down
[audio:clips/01-Breaking-me-Down.mp3|titles=01 Breaking me Down|artists=Freakswitch]
02 Face Your Father
[audio:clips/02-Face-Your-Father.mp3|titles=02 Face Your Father|artists=Freakswitch]
03 Follow Me
[audio:clips/03-Follow-Me.mp3|titles=03 Follow Me|artists=Freakswitch]
04 Give Up
[audio:clips/04-Give-Up.mp3|titles=04 Give Up|artists=Freakswitch]
05 Once Around
[audio:clips/05-Once-Around.mp3|titles=05 Once Around|artists=Freakswitch]
06 Pray to Me
[audio:clips/06-Pray-to-Me.mp3|titles=06 Pray to Me|artists=Freakswitch]
07 Seize the Moment
[audio:clips/07-Seize-the-Moment.mp3|titles=07 Seize the Moment|artists=Freakswitch]
08 Standing in Line
[audio:clips/08-Standing-in-Line.mp3|titles=08 Standing in Line|artists=Freakswitch]
09 Walk Away
[audio:clips/09-Walk-Away.mp3|titles=09 Walk Away|artists=Freakswitch]
10 Wrong Direction
[audio:clips/10-Wrong-Direction.mp3|titles=10 Wrong Direction|artists=Freakswitch]

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