Twentysix Pieces, Shades of Burn, and Freakswitch

9/30/11 – The Basement in Kingston.

Twentysix Pieces took the stage first.  This was the first time I’ve heard them live.  And I wasn’t disappointed. They have seem really cool melodic, hard edge riffs.  Based of hard rock riffs, they throw in a hint of 80’s style for flair.  Not the hair band 80’s either, the GOOD heavy metal 80’s.  TSP is a four piece out of the Hudson Valley area.  They are fairly new but seasoned none the less.  How do I know?  Well the drummer is a friend of mine whom I’ve jammed back when I was 18 years old.  And the lead singer jammed with Scratch back in the day as well.  So it was sort of like a dysfunctional family reunion.  And we had a good time rocking out to their music and talking about the good ole days.  You can check them out on facebook or if you want to hear some of their tunes, check them out at reverbnation. Twentysix Pieces

Shades of Burn is a band I had the pleasure of jamming with once before in New Rochelle.  The talent with these musicians is scary good.  SOB is a five piece out of the Hopewell area fronted by a female that can sing her ass off.  Two guitars that compliment each other nicely, a drummer who is spot on and a bass player who is off the hook.  I mean literally…. If you don’t enjoy yourself watching him play, check your pulse.  There is no act with him, he truly loves playing and you can see that.  Their music I would classify in the hard rock genre as well.  Nice grooves, good hooks but I’m not going to lie, with Nicole’s voice I would love to hear something a little more slow for one song.  NOT POWER BALLAD SLOW, but something for her to showcase her pipes.  And lets not forget, there is nothing sexier then a chick holding a megaphone demanding your attention.  SOB is heading into the studio real soon to start recording their debut.  Until the release go find them on facebook Shades of Burn

Freakswitch… Well I’m sure the two of you that read this already know about Freakswitch.  I suck, Brian’s a douche, Scratch lost his shirt and Dave is …….. ummm ……… just Dave.  As usual, we had a great time.  This is the third show where we’ve played the Wall and it doesn’t seem like people are going to let us not play it anytime soon.  Thats cool though.  As long as they are having fun.

Let me just say that I really had a good time listening to TSP and SOB.  We are trying to get more shows booked together with these bands.  Its a good mix of music.  Its not one band speed metal, one band punk, one band glam.  Its three bands that play hard rock and play it well.

Until next time.

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  1. Nicole Magro says:

    Awesome shit. I’m extremely flattered. I happen to think you guys fucking rock your damn selves. Give a bit more credit to your own band, for fuck’s sake!

  2. mkenny says:

    I was glad to write about you guys (and girl), all I do is write about how awesome Freakswitch is on here, so I figure I would share the spot light with you and 26 pieces.

    I blog after every show, so when when we do shows together, SOB will be mention……….
    Peace out yo.. MK

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