Freakswitch revised

Freakswitch revised



So here’s what happened…

Things were going fanfuckingtastic…ok reality check..they were going good..good as in gigs, rock and roll and middle aged men living out a small fantasy they had..Playing on stage (ok one large stage), shows were decent (everyone likes cramming into speakeasys) , ticket sales were good ( when we weren’t losing them)band was finally tight (so we think) and then BAM….

Blindsided. No Wrong Direction taken, there was no Once Around to make it right. Gone.  Faster than you could stop, drop and roll, our beloved MiQ was..gone. Now I’m not going into the details, there’s no need for dwelling on the darkest point in Freakswitch’s time (nor his adoring family and fans) but it’s safe to say that no matter who plays in E Flat Drop D…there’s no replacing the essence and soul he put into music that is Freakswitch today.

So we cried (yup, we’re manly men like that to admit it) and we drank and we cried so more. We basically stood around wondering…what’s next? Do we go on? Do we give up? Do we part ways? As all these thoughts and conversations are running rampant through our mind…we each felt ( no really..we did) the smack upside our heads at the last two thoughts. It was then we had our answer…

So we auditioned..on the quiet side so to speak. . We couldn’t replace one could..but we needed to replace our guitarist. We put out an ad and had a few guys call. Lasting about 2 months…we narrowed it down to two guys. It was a tough choice. Trying to find the right guitarist that could turn what we had into something good if not better was no easy task. We argued. We fought. We called each other some names that by law we are unable to print due to the advice of our attorneys.

So we choose Rob…cause damn can that guy play. He gave our songs everything he could and more. Either he was a closet Freakswitch fan or he’s some kind of virtuoso. Either way, we’ll take him. So the practice started up again. It’s good and tight. Weird, but felt right. As the four of us discussed how we could improve, make things better..blah,blah,blah..we thought..well fuck it…what about Jim. Because let’s face awesome is it to say that it took two guitarists to replace our deceased one and on top of that..they both kick some major fucking ass! Does it help they both have their own fan base…oh yeah..we got it like that now. So Jim comes in…and we realize that we are back in top form.

So what better way than to come back in…Guns blazing, just for men hair dye in the cabinet and opening for a headliner…yup…

We’re back bitches.

Look for us @ Collin’s Ale-House, 198 NY-216, Stormville, NY (just off route 52)

Dec. 5th

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  1. Mary Ledford says:

    Well said!! BIG things are coming and he will always be there with all of you…ROCK ON!!!!

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