Zombies have taken over Newburgh…

Thats right, you read it correctly.  This past Saturday Zombies took over Newburgh.  You could’ve seen them walking the streets, drinking a beer, dancing, jamming; and I have to add, they can put on quite the BBQ spread.  I was looking forward to this show.  This one has been circled on my calendar for weeks.  The Psycodelic Zombie BBQ II (meaning the second year of this event) was an all day event.  Two stages, 20 bands, vendors, food, drinks, make up artists and all the zombies you can handle.  It was friggin AWESOME!  I had my kids with me all day at this event and my boy looks at me and says “These people are creeping me out”, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZOMBIE GOERS!

Dan who is the man in charge of “The Wherehouse” in Newburgh put this whole shin-dig together.  And it was nicely done.  It was at the Armory where there was plenty of space for everything.  Stage two and the food was out side until the crappy weather came but there was plenty of room to move everything inside.

The cool thing about zombies is just when you’ve think you’ve seen it all, some other zombie walks by and all you can think is “Thats bad ass”.

What stuck out to me were a couple of things.  There was this chick there that had hool-a-hoops.  What she did with these things was incredible.  GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!   The entire time she was hooping, she was dancing doing all sorts of cool shit.  And when you have a six year old daughter like I do, it was only a matter of time before she wanted to try.  And try she did.  And daddys little girl rocked it.  She had all the zombies stopping in their tracks watching her.

The other thing that stuck out were these zombies that must’ve been turned in the 60’s.  There was nothing special about them other then the fact that 1, the were zombies. 2, they looked like go-go girls (not the band). and 3 that they loved to dance.

We managed to not get eaten during this whole thing so we stayed zombie-free.  Maybe next year some those hotty zombies will turn us.  Hopefully we get asked back so we can see if that happens.

Thanks Dan for having us…

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